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3 Voicemail Scripts to Incorporate into your Homeowner Communication

Creating lifelong customer relationships and keeping customers happy means you’ll need to keep them informed throughout the whole purchasing process.

Using text and emails to communicate allows your customers to get updates on their own time. Adding voicemails to the mix will make your communication even more personal and give your business a customer experience advantage. 

In this article, we’ll lay out 3 examples of where you can use voicemails to create lifelong customer relationships or gain your customers’ trust.

#1 - Following up on New Leads

Sending new leads a text message right after they submit information is a great way to get the conversation started.

If the customer needs a little extra push to set an appointment or take next steps, sending them a personalized voicemail could get them to respond. The more initial touch points the better!

When Minutes after the lead initially comes through
Who Appointment Setter or Sales Rep
What “Hello, this is [Rep Name] from [Company Name]. I saw you filled out a form for a demo, and I was calling to see if you would still like to set that up! Give me a call, or shoot me a text!”

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#2 - Rehash 

The sales rep that ran the appointment should have the opportunity to close their deal, but if it’s been several days and the deal doesn’t seem to be moving forward, sending in the “big guns” would be appropriate.

When 48 hours after appointment runs and no response has surfaced
Who Appointment Setter or Sales Rep
What “Hello, this is [Manager Name] from [Company Name]. I see you had an appointment with one of our sales reps. I wanted to see if you had any questions or feedback about the appointment? Let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Feel free to give me a call at this number, or shoot me a text.”

#3 - Installation Updates

Keeping your customers informed lets them know that your business has their best interest in mind. Sending voicemails at important milestones in the buying journey can help make the most of customer communication.

When When the product has arrived at your warehouse, and it ready to be installed
Who Product Manager or Office Assistant
What ”Hello, this is [Office Assistant] from [Company Name]. Great news, your product has arrived to our warehouse! That means it is time for us to schedule time to come out for us to install! Feel free to give me a call, or shoot me a text so we can set up some time.” 


How can my team automate voicemails?

Sending voicemails manually can be extremely time-consuming.

Through Hatch, voicemails can be sent to customers in campaigns based on a cadence and customer information. 

To see voicemails in action, check out this quick video demo of our campaign builder: 


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