How A $6.5M+ Roofing Business Was Built With Marketing [Podcast]

June 10, 2021

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Matt Minor
Written By
Matt Minor

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How can you build a profitable home improvement business without having to rely on canvassers and door-knocking?

Greta Bajrami - CEO & Founder of Golden Group Roofing - has always done things differently.

After emigrating to the U.S. from Albania, Bajrami soon discovered she was pregnant and decided to drop out of law school to support her daughter.

With little experience and cash, she bootstrapped a roofing business to $6,500,000 in 5 years - without hiring a canvasser or outside sales rep.

In this episode of #BuiltBy, Matt chats with Greta about her untraditional approach to building a home improvement business by focusing heavily on marketing and brand reputation.

They discuss:

🛠 How she built a business with a marketing-first approach.

💡 The ideas that set her roofing business apart from every competitor in a crowded Boston market.

💭  Her thoughts on modernizing the traditional "brick & mortar" mindset.

🏠  The showroom idea she came up with that has caught the attention of suppliers and tech companies.

⏮  Why she's "pulling back" while the market is hot right now.

🔎  Where she gets ideas to keep optimizing her business.


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