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How Havasu Solar Doubled Their Sales Using Modernize and Hatch

Levi French is the marketing director of a solar sales and installation company named Havasu Solar in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The business had been around for a long time, but Levi’s family purchased it around 2016. Levi knew that there was a lot of potential with the business, and was excited to take it to the next level. His first step was to take advantage of Modernize to increase his lead volume. From there, he needed to find a way to optimize his lead management. 


The Problem

As is the case with the majority of home improvement companies, many of the processes surrounding leads and sales were outdated, only talking with leads through a phone call or face to face. “As marketing director, I always knew that the buying habits and interest of the sales process was shifting from my father’s time. They were accustomed to sort of an old school approach, just sitting across the kitchen table and talking. I know that today’s consumer is using technology more and more to vet companies.” Levi noted.

He had been using Modernize to successfully drive lead volume but wanted to find a technology that he could use to reach out to these leads quickly via text and email. He explained, “Not just minutes, but even SECONDS give us a huge advantage when engaging with leads. This can only really be done with technology like text message.” Unfortunately, the technology he was looking for seemed to only be available after a six-month build and huge costs. 

The Solution

Levi learned about Hatch after attending a webinar and later chatting with a sales representative. He realized he could have the technology he needed at half the cost of the solution he had been considering. There are many things Levi loves about Hatch. He explained, “I think that Hatch is the perfect recipe for technology mixed with human interaction. It’s very easy to use. I like how you can customize the messaging. I like how you can space them out. I like the hybrid approach with using both text message and email. I like how you can set a post-dated message and I don’t have to think about it again or remember it. Honestly, I just LOVE Hatch so much!” 

The Results

Levi explains that the results were explosive…and immediate. “I was really excited on the first day, so I put 800 contacts in our nurture queue. Within 10 minutes, my phone was blowing up. We set 20 appointments that first day.” That success has continued.  “Before Hatch, we were trying to get 15 sales per month. This past month, we had 48. We’ve doubled our sales in general. Our whole sales approach has been completely revolutionized by using Hatch.”

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