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21 4th of July Social Posts & Messages to Send Your Clients

If you want your business to be successful, you need to effectively engage not just leads and prospects, but existing customers too. And the 4th of July is a great opportunity for this!

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Whether you’re running a promotion, sharing safety tips, or just sending a friendly hello, a short customer communication can go a long way. So we’ve put together some 4th of July messages you can customize and send to customers in your emails, text messages, social media posts, and more.

Use them to drum up engagement, strengthen your relationships, and increase loyalty!

Table of contents

These Fourth of July messaging templates can be modified for text, email, social posts, postcards, and more. Here are the categories:

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Quick tips for your 4th of July messages to clients

Here are some quick guidelines to make your messages authentic and meaningful to customers.

  • Make it quick: No novellas here, folks. Just a sentence or two so your clients can move on with their lives.
  • Be mindful: Remember that there are troops, veterans, and military families in every audience, so stay sensitive.
  • Make it visual: An image or graphic makes all the difference!
  • Write like you’re talking to a friend: Skip the formal nonsense and empty adjectives and just speak from your heart.


Free 4th of July graphics

The graphics throughout this post are already sized for email banners and Instagram. Just right click, save, and then upload to social or your email platform!

If you want to customize the images, all you need to do is create a free Canva account and then use these links:

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4th of July messages for customer appreciation

There are so many ways to use text messaging to improve the customer experience. Use these messaging templates—in texts or even emails and social posts—to let them know you're thinking of them. 

  • Happy 4th of July [Name]! On this day of pride and gratitude, we want to let you know that it’s a privilege for us to serve homeowners like you and that we are thankful for your business all year round. Have a fun and safe celebration!
  • Hey [Name], no marketing messages or sales promos here…just a good old fashioned Happy Independence Day to YOU—our fellow citizens 🇺🇸 who also happen to be our fabulous customers 🫶🏾. Thanks for being a part of the [business name] family. Have a happy holiday!
  • Happy Fourth! In the name of national pride, we thank you for supporting small businesses like ours and keeping the backbone of our country strong. Enjoy the day! 🎇 🇺🇸🌭 Your friends at [Business]

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4th of July messages to inspire patriotism

The best way to outshine your competition? Turn your business into a brand—with a personality and core values. Use the holiday to inspire patriotism in your audience and show what you care about.

  • Happy Freedom Day everyone! On this July 4th, we honor the men and women behind our freedom. The cookouts and concerts are only possible because of their courage 💜. Have a great day and thank you to all our freedom fighters out there! 🇺🇸🙏💪
  • Today, we’re reminded that more than business and client—we’re citizens of a great nation whose freedom came at a price. So have fun, be safe, and take some time to thank a freedom fighter today. Happy Fourth of July!
  • Happy 4th of July everyone! Have fun today, but most importantly, don’t lose focus on the brave men and women—standing and fallen—who keep our freedom alive. Have a great weekend and stay safe!  🇺🇸 🎉 ☀️
  • Have a happy 4th of July to all of our customers, partners, and employees. Stay safe, salute our troops, and savor your freedom—it didn’t come free!

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Fun & feel-good 4th of July  messages

Yes, you can tie the Fourth of July into a marketing campaign (see the next section). Or, you can forget the conversational selling and just have fun:

  • Hey [Name], us here, just popping in to send you some fiery fourth of July wishes! 🧨 May your grills ignite successfully 🔥 may your hearts explode in laughter and joy 💥 and may your summer start off with a real bang 🎆. Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸
  • Every year, 150 million hot dogs are consumed on the 4th of July. That’s like, if we had a hot dog for how much we appreciate customers like you. So thanks for being a pleasure to serve— enjoy your holiday! 🌭🇺🇸😎
  • Happy Birthday America! Running a small business in this country ain’t easy, but customers like you make it oh so rewarding. Thank you for being such a great customer and have a Happy Fourth—we hope your day is as fun as you make our jobs!

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4th of July promotional messages & social posts

Running a special? Use this time to not only reach out to customers, but also reengage leads with a text campaign.

  • It’s America’s birthday! And as a citizen of this great nation, we want to offer you a gift! Enjoy [promotion here] [for time period]. Call us today!
  • Burgers n buns? ✅  Firecrackers and bug spray? ✅  Badminton/Kan Jam-optimized lawn? ⚠️ Ooo maybe not. Let us take care of that! Enjoy X% off all landscaping services from July 1-July 6. Give us a call!
  • You’ve got your whole cookout prepped, but what if the celebration has to move indoors? 🥵 Make sure your home is 4th of July ready with [HVAC service]. Call us for a tune-up today!
  • Having a 4th of July bash? Let’s make sure your plumbing can handle all of those guests. The last thing you need is an out of order sink or toilet! Book an appointment now ➡️ [your number].
  • Happy Fourth! To honor the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom, we’re donating 10% of our proceeds to [charity] from [date - date]. So get your [service] needs met with us and help support our troops in the process. 🫡 🇺🇸🛠 Give us a call today!
  • It’s July 4th and you know what that means—cookouts, fire crackers…and competition! From [date] to [date], we’re running a giveaway for a [prize]. Simply [instructions] and we’ll announce the winners on [date].
  • All set for 4th of July? Here are some home safety tips to keep your family and guests celebrating and care-free. [Link to blog post].
  • Here at [company name], safety is our top priority. So while we want you to have an amazing 4th of July, the [roofer/ electrician/ cleaner/ landscaper] in us has some words of advice:
      • Tip
      • Tip
      • Tip
      • Have fun!

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Closed for 4th of July messages

Even if you're not doing any marketing on the 4th of July, it's still a good idea to update your customers on your hours. Here are some messaging templates you can use:

  • Just a quick heads up—we’ll be out celebratin’ the nation from [date-date]. We’ll respond to any calls, texts, and emails as soon as we return on [date]. Talk to you then! Happy Fourth!
  • Thanks for reaching out! [Business Name] is closed from [date] to [date] due to July 4th festivities, but we’ll be sure to get back to you upon our return on [date]. Have a great holiday!
  • Hey everyone! We want to let you know that should you have any [roofing/plumbing/HVAC] issues this week, we will be open but with limited hours. [State hours]. Hopefully you won’t need us but if you do, we’ll be happy to help you out.

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For even more 4th of July messages and greetings, check out the bigger list of 4th of July greetings I created over at WordStream as well as these 4th of July social media post ideas from LocaliQ.

Engage your customers with these 4th of July message templates

There are a number of ways to engage your customers on the Fourth of July—run a special promotion, share a blog post with useful tips, announce your holiday hours, or just send a friendly greeting. Use these templates as a starting point and then make them your own!



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