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Is Angi Leads Worth It?

Is Angi Leads worth it? Now if that isn't a loaded question, well then I don't know what is.

loaded potato pugAlso here's a loaded pugtato for you.

There is no shortage of content out there on Angi Leads—you've got people who swear by it and you've got people who swear at it.

We've been working with home improvement and home service pros for years now, and those who feel Angi Leads is worth it for their business have these things in common:

  • They understand how it works
  • They know how to work their leads 
  • They use it as a part of a larger strategy

So in this post, we're going to equip you to be one of those businesses. We'll cover everything you need to know and do so you can make Angi Leads worth it for your contracting business.

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What is Angi Leads?

Angi Leads is one of the top lead aggregators in the home improvement space. It’s a service that generates and delivers qualified leads—aka homeowners looking to have home improvement projects done—to contractors of various niches, including handymen/women, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, remodelers, roofers, and more.

What is the difference between Angi Leads and HomeAdvisor?

Angi Leads is actually one and the same with HomeAdvisor, now called “HomeAdvisor powered by Angi.” Back in 2017, IAC acquired Angie’s List, rebranded it to “Angi,” and merged it with HomeAdvisor.

homeadvisor vs angi - homeadvisor powered by angi

What is the difference between Angi Leads and Angi Ads?

Angi Leads and Angi Ads are both paid solutions offered through Angi, but they are different  solutions altogether.

With Angi Leads, you set a budget and Angi will deliver leads to you each month within that budget. You pay per lead in addition to an annual membership fee.

Is Angi Leads worth it-1

With Angi Ads, you are paying not to have leads delivered to you, but for your business to show up prominently on the Angi website and other properties. You pay an annual membership fee here as well—but for different benefits—and then your ads are a cost-per-click model.

angi leads vs angi ads - angi ad example

How does Angi leads work?

Angi Leads works just as most lead aggregators work:

  • When customers sign up to use Angi and HomeAdvisor, they provide their information about what project(s) they are looking to have done, their budget, timeline, and more.
how angi leads works - customer questions
  • When pros sign up for Angi Leads, they provide their information to Angi about their contracting business—location, services, ideal clients, and more.
  • Angi then matches homeowners with the pros that are the best fit for one another.
  • If that homeowner reaches out to you, you get charged for that lead. Note that this is not a guaranteed job—it’s a lead! It’s up to you to turn that lead into a sale.

You can adjust your budget/spend as well as pause leads whenever you need to.

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What is the Angi Pro Leads app?

Angi Pro Leads (formerly HomeAdvisor Pro) is the app that comes with the service. It’s typical for lead aggregators to also offer some sort of app or dashboard for you to view, manage, and communicate with your leads.

With the Angi Leads Pro app, you can

  • Manage your profile, ratings, and reviews
  • Manage your budget, coverage area, profile, and more
  • Message homeowners and request reviews
  • Process payments

angi pro leads app screenshots

How much does Angi Leads cost?

The cost of Angi Leads includes both an annual membership fee as well as a price per lead. The membership fee and cost per lead varies depending on your business, location, niche, budget, and more.

How much does Angi Leads charge for leads?

According to Jobber, the annual membership fee is $300 and the average cost per lead ranges from $15-85. This translates to a budget of about $300 per month.

Angi Leads reviews

If you google “Angi Leads reviews” you’ll find it’s a rather, hairy place. Here are some tips for arriving at your own conclusion:

  • First of all, there’s a lot of confusion between Angi Leads, Angi Ads, HomeAdvisor, and regular Angi listings, so you need to read the reviews thoroughly to know what’s being reviewed.
  • Second, you’ll find that some reviews are from contractors who use the service while others are from homeowners.
  • Third, you’re going to find a wide range of sentiment toward Angi Leads, from absolutely terrible to the best thing since sliced bread. The reason for this is that it all comes down to how you’re managing your budget, how you’re handling the leads Angi gives you, and more.

That being said, here are some places where you can read Angi Leads reviews:

angi leads reviews on trustpilot

Is Angi Leads legit?

Well, what does legit mean? Yes, it’s a legitimate business. Yes it’s a legitimate lead generation service for home improvement businesses. Yes it can bring you valuable leads.

If you’re asking if the leads you get are legit, yes they are legit. Angi also allows you to request lead credits and refine your targeting so you get the most qualified leads.

is angi leads worth it - contractor questionnaire

Is Angi leads worth it?

As we just mentioned above, whether or not Angi Leads is worth it for you will depend on what you put into it. You can’t just pay for leads and kick back and expect to grow revenue. You need to put in the work to get the most out of your investment.

Here are our top tips for maximizing your success and ROI with Angi Leads:

  • Do your due diligence: When signing up for Angi Leads, make sure to ask all of the right questions and explore pricing options. You may be able to negotiate pricing.
  • Fill out your profile completely: The more information you can provide about your business and ideal customer, the more qualified the leads Angi will send to you. This is a best practice for any business listing site, free or paid.
  • Manage your leads properly: Reach out to them within five minutes (speed to lead tips here). Use a multi-channel strategy of text, email, and phone. But spread this out over a few days. And be persistent! Follow-up is key.

how to increase speed to lead - effective lead outreach

  • Optimize your website: Your website is the primary place a lead will check out to vet your business. Not only should it be organized and professional, but it should be optimized for conversion. For example, there should be calls to action to book estimates, request consults, download content, and more. And you should include trust signals like reviews and ratings.


  • Get reviews elsewhere: Aside from your website, consumers will Google around to see what other customers are saying about your business. Make sure you're collecting reviews on key listing sites like Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, Thumbtack, and more.
  • Report bad leads: If you get a truly poor lead, request a lead credit.
  • Have a full-funnel strategy: Turning your Angi leads into appointments is only the first step in maximizing your ROI. You need to have a follow-up process in place for after the appointment, as well as customer engagement strategies to encourage retention, reviews, and referrals.
  • Measure: What gets measured gets improved. Keep track of your appointments, sales, upsells, referrals, and reviews so you can make sure you’re getting the most out of this service.

We dive a little deeper into the above tips in our guide to Angi.

Make Angi Leads worth it for your business

Angi Leads is one of many tools available for contractors to grow their business. If you educate yourself on what Angi has to offer, make the most of it by communicating with leads properly, and measure your results, it is well worth the investment!


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