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December 31, 1969

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6 Mistakes Home Improvement Call Centers Are Making

Hatch and One Click Contractor Announce Partnership

Hatch and CompanyCam Announce Partnership

Top 5 Most Impactful Differences About Hatch’s New Reporting Features

Home Improvement Pros Can Now Instantly Text, Email, and Call Their Modernize Leads Inside Hatch

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3 Messaging Strategies to Increase Your Close Rate

The How-to Guide for Home Improvement Virtual Appointments

Hatch 2.0: The Future of Sales Enablement

Voicemail Drop in Hatch

Virtual Appointments Made Easy

How COVID-19 is Affecting the Home Improvement Industry

Digital Tools to Help Home Improvement Businesses Navigate COVID-19

Modernize and Hatch Announce Partnership

How to Use Hatch With Your Current Phone Number

How to Set Up Employee Onboarding

Meet the Team: Jeff Hurlock, Head of Sales

Post-Sale: Where Most Home Improvement Companies Fail

What is Instant Lead Engagement?

Hatch and MarketSharp Announce Partnership

Meet the Team: Susan Stavitzski, Director of Product

3 Ways To Implement Better Sales Follow-Up That Gets Responses

What It's Like to Get Hired at a Start-Up

Top 4 Cleaning Industry Tips to Get More Jobs and Repeat Customers

It's Time to Implement Business Texting Software

Meet the Team: Matt Violante, Account Executive

7 Best CRMs for Home Improvement Companies in 2020

How to Get Field Reps More Involved With Lead Engagement

Meet the Team: Nick Johnson, Front End Engineer

The Comprehensive Home Improvement Business Growth Guide [Part II]

How Hatch is Changing the Way Small and Medium Businesses Do Business

Text Notifications are Here!

Why I Joined Hatch and Where I Think This Could Go

The Comprehensive Home Improvement Business Growth Guide [Part I]

Meet the Team: Cat Tenorio, UX Designer

9 Predictions for Home Improvement Selling in 2020

The 4 Best Performing B2C Sales Follow Up Emails

SP-8 // Move to Board

What is Conversational Selling?

Software Empowering Semi-Retired Reps

Conversation Platforms: The Next Generation of B2C Sales

Why We Built Teams

✍️From the Founders: We’re Headed to Y-Combinator

✍ ️From the Founders: The Hatch Story

Sales Teams Don’t Like CRMS. Here’s why.

How to Build the Ultimate Sales Team

What is Sales Acceleration?

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