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How Call Centers Use Text Messaging

Learn how call centers can use text messaging. As customer expectations continue to evolve, call centers must adapt to new technology and trends to...


Hatch and Fundbox Announce Partnership

Fundbox and Hatch combine a premier home improvement lead generation solution with a modern business messaging platform. Close more deals faster than...


5 Tips to Handle Bad Reviews Like a Pro

Handling negative online reviews is part of the job for every home improvement company. Learn how to turn those reviews into a positive in this blog...


7 Marketing Tips for Home Improvement

Level up your home improvement marketing game with these 7 tips. Manage your business communications with messaging solutions from Hatch. Get a demo...


Why One-Call Closing Doesn't Work Anymore

The one-call close method is no longer enough for home improvement businesses. Read tips to actively follow up with the 75% who don't close...

Home Improvement

Creating a Killer Website

Learn how to create a great website to close more deals and build a strong home improvement business.

Partner Highlight

Hatch Partners with Thumbtack

Hatch and Thumbtack have partnered up to provide home improvement companies that best opportunity to close sales.


Join Our Free Webinar - May 25

Join Modernize and Hatch to uncover the latest ways to automate your sales processes and grow your business.

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Hatch +  CraftJack = Success

Hatch and CraftJack have teamed up to provide home improvement businesses the best chance for increasing leads, sales, and success.

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BCI Acrylic Partners With Hatch 🤝

BCI Acrylic and Hatch have built a partnership to better help those in the industry meet their sales and marketing goals.


The Ultimate Speed-to-Lead Playbook

Learn how home improvement businesses can quickly respond to leads through automation and technology in this speed-to-lead playbook.


What is Conversational Selling?

You might be missing sales opportunities because your leads are missing human interaction. Click here to learn how conversational selling can boost...


Why Your Leads Aren’t Answering the Phone

Turn your call center into a contact center. Give them the tools to up your appointment set rate from 10% to 30% by giving them a foot in the door.


3 Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Buy Hatch

Let's cut the crap - who cares about fluff pieces? If you're on the fence about Hatch, hopefully this article can help you come to a decision.


Is it Time to Change Home Improvement CRMs?

Switching CRMs can be a headache for your home improvement business. Here are some important items to consider when you are thinking about making a...


Top Tips for Creating Sales Touchpoints

In sales, the team’s only goal with touchpoints is to elicit a response to move the customer forward in the sales cycle. In this article, we'll talk...

Product Update

Using Text for Appointment Confirmations

Sending out appointment reminders through text is an easy no-touch way to build trust with your customers before the appointment runs. 


How to offer financing as a contractor

Over 75% of homeowners want to finance at least some part of their next project. Learn how to make financing a sales tool for your reps and easy for...

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Hatch and James Hardie Announce Partnership

Hatch, the messaging platform for home improvement companies, today announced a partnership with James Hardie Building Products Inc., the world...

Home Improvement

How to Handle Bad Home Remodeling Reviews

A good response to a bad review can be just as powerful as a positive review. Check out these tips on how to effectively manage poor online reviews.


How to Ask Customers for Quality Reviews

In this article, we'll talk about how you can overcome the most common challenges that businesses face when it comes to getting more legitimate...

Partner Highlight

Hatch and Socius Announce Partnership

Socius' full-service web design and digital marketing services give you the credibility you deserve while turning your business into a...


What's Coming In Hatch?

The future is bright home improvement sales teams - learn more about how we are changing the game.


Hatch and CompanyCam Announce Partnership

Put homeowner engagement is put at your fingertips from pre-sale to post-sale with Hatch + CompanyCam. Quickly attach your CompanyCam pictures...


Hatch and Webrunner Announce Partnership

Webrunner and Hatch combine a premier home improvement lead generation solution with a modern business messaging platform. Close more deals faster...


How to Leave a Voicemail without Calling

Voicemails are the next high-engagement touch that gives a voice to your outreach. Click here to learn how can you leave a voicemail without calling!


Virtual Appointments Made Easy

Check out the new feature we built to help home improvement companies connect with homeowners virtually.


Modernize and Hatch Announce Partnership

Modernize and Hatch combine best-in-class contractor lead generation with a modern communication platform. Close more deals faster than ever before.


What It's Like to Get Hired at a Start-Up

Ever wondered what it's like to join a start-up? Check out this blog by our Head of Sales to learn more about how we approach onboarding at Hatch.

Product Update

Text Notifications are Here!

In our latest Hatch update, we've rolled out text notifications and hyper personalization for messaging.

Product Update

SP-8 / Move to Board

Check out our latest Hatch Product Update, SP-8! We've added cool new features like Move to Board, Favorite CRM Details, and Manual Contact Sync.


Why We Built Teams

The best sales departments follow a team mentality. People that work together to help reach company goals, and support each individual contribution...


What is Sales Acceleration?

What is sales acceleration? Click here to learn more about the perfect combination of applications and strategies it takes to scale your sales.

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