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AI & Automation

New! Train Your Hatch AI Bot with CRM Details

Discover Train Your Bot from Hatch, enhancing AI communication with CRM context. Boost personalization, convenience, and efficiency for a better...

AI & Automation

12 Questions to Ask When Vetting an AI Tool

Learn what to ask when vetting an AI tool, such as data requirements, integration ease, and customization options, so you can find the best tool for...


How Does Hatch Help You to Grow Revenue?

Learn exactly how Hatch helps you grow your revenue, through more efficient and effective communication across the customer journey.


Big Improvements to Hatch Reporting

Learn how you can save time and gain greater insight into your ROI with Hatch’s new and improved reporting.

AI & Automation

How Does Hatch AI Work?

Discover what makes Hatch AI different, including how our AI chatbots interact with customers, drive your revenue goals, and reduce employee workload.

Business & Marketing Tips

9 Tips to Get the Most Out of ServiceTitan

Learn how you can optimize ServiceTitan for your HVAC company with tips to streamline your sales process, boost your ROI, and improve your brand.

Business & Marketing Tips

6 Ways to Get More Out of Your Dialer

Use these 5 tips to optimize your dialer to alleviate agent workload as well as increase your customer engagement and ROI.

Call Centers

The Top 6 Call Center Trends Going Into 2024

Learn the top 6 home improvement call center trends going into 2024 and how to align with them for better ROI, retention, and revenue in the coming...

Industry News & Insights

State of the Home Improvement Industry 2024

See how your sales, marketing, and operational performance stacks up against competitors and use our tips to improve in each area.

Business & Marketing Tips

5 Great HVAC Websites to Model After

Learn the best practices for your HVAC website so you can be set up for success–with 5 great HVAC website examples.

Business & Marketing Tips

The 17 Best HVAC Marketing Strategies for 2024

Explore the best HVAC marketing strategies and our top tips to lock in growth this year—with SEO, paid ads, customer service, and more!

Business Text Messaging

12 Things to Look for in a Texting Platform

Learn the 11 most important features contractors look for in a texting platform to achieve their business goals and maximize their investment.

Business & Marketing Tips

47 HVAC Holiday Marketing Ideas & Examples

Use these 47 holiday HVAC marketing ideas, examples, and templates to engage contacts across your pipeline this holiday season.

Business & Marketing Tips

How to Become a Multi-Location Service Business

Looking to expand and grow your revenue streams? Learn the key considerations and steps to successfully become a multi-location service business.

Business & Marketing Tips

7 Easy Ways to Get More Yelp Reviews

Learn how to get more reviews on Yelp and how to respond to both positive and negative responses.

Business Text Messaging

Hatch vs Podium: A Deep Dive

Vetting messaging platforms? Learn about Hatch vs Podium—in use cases, automations, integrations, and more.

AI & Automation

11 Ways to Use AI for Service Businesses

Here are 11 ways that service businesses can use AI to improve their productivity, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and grow their...


10 Strategies to Combat HVAC Shoulder Season

Learn 10 sales and marketing strategies to both prepare for and survive HVAC shoulder season so you can keep a steady revenue stream all year round.

Lead Generation

Is Angi Leads Worth It?

Learn how Angi Leads works, how much it costs, and everything you need to know to make Angi Leads worth it for your business.

Lead Engagement

10 Tricks to Reach Out to Leads Faster

Use these tips, tools, and templates to not only reach out to every lead within 5 minutes, but to get responses too.

Hatch Product Updates

Introducing the New DIY Audience Builder in Hatch

Discover the new Audience Builder in the Hatch app—easily create smart lists based on any criteria so you can run highly personalized, more effective...

Partner Highlight

Hatch and Blue Fire Leads Announce Partnership

Blue Fire Leads and Hatch combine a premier lead generation solution with a modern business messaging platform. Close more deals faster than ever...

Partner Highlight

Hatch and DemandIQ Announce Partnership

DemandIQ and Hatch combine AI-powered lead capture solutions for solar providers with a modern business messaging platform. Close more deals faster...

What is 10DLC? (+How to Get Registered)

10DLC registration is not just beneficial anymore, it's mandatory. Find out what it is, how to complete 10DLC registration, costs, deadlines, and...

Business Text Messaging

SMS, MMS, and TCPA: What does it all mean?

Learn about SMS, MMS, and TCPA compliance for effective text message marketing. Obtain consent, provide opt-out options, and keep accurate records.

Partner Highlight

Hatch and Fundbox Announce Partnership

Fundbox and Hatch combine a premier home improvement lead generation solution with a modern business messaging platform. Close more deals faster than...

Business & Marketing Tips

5 Tips to Handle Bad Reviews Like a Pro

Handling negative online reviews is part of the job for every home improvement company. Learn how to turn those reviews into a positive in this blog...

Business & Marketing Tips

7 Marketing Tips for Home Improvement

Level up your home improvement marketing game with these 7 tips. Manage your business communications with messaging solutions from Hatch. Get a demo...

Lead Engagement

Are You Sitting on a Hidden Goldmine of Leads?

In your CRM, you have a huge database of prospects that can bring about incredible results. Here are some simple ways to take advantage of that data.

Sales Strategies & Tips

Why One-Call Closing Doesn't Work Anymore

The one-call close method is no longer enough for home improvement businesses. Read tips to actively follow up with the 75% who don't close...

Business & Marketing Tips

Creating a Killer Website

Learn how to create a great website to close more deals and build a strong home improvement business.

Partner Highlight

Hatch Partners with Thumbtack

Hatch and Thumbtack have partnered up to provide home improvement companies that best opportunity to close sales.

Webinars & Guides

Join Our Free Webinar - May 25

Join Modernize and Hatch to uncover the latest ways to automate your sales processes and grow your business.

Partner Highlight

Hatch +  CraftJack = Success

Hatch and CraftJack have teamed up to provide home improvement businesses the best chance for increasing leads, sales, and success.

Partner Highlight

BCI Acrylic Partners With Hatch 🤝

BCI Acrylic and Hatch have built a partnership to better help those in the industry meet their sales and marketing goals.

Webinars & Guides

The Ultimate Speed-to-Lead Playbook

Learn how home improvement businesses can quickly respond to leads through automation and technology in this speed-to-lead playbook.

Sales Strategies & Tips

What is Conversational Selling?

You might be missing sales opportunities because your leads are missing human interaction. Click here to learn how conversational selling can boost...

Business & Marketing Tips

The 8 Best CRMs for Home Improvement Companies

We've rounded up a list of the best CRMs specifically for contractors and home improvement businesses—complete with products, features, and pricing.

Lead Engagement

Why Your Leads Aren’t Answering the Phone

Turn your call center into a contact center. Give them the tools to up your appointment set rate from 10% to 30% by giving them a foot in the door.

Hatch Case Studies & Tips

3 Reasons Why You SHOULDN'T Buy Hatch

Let's cut the crap - who cares about fluff pieces? If you're on the fence about Hatch, hopefully this article can help you come to a decision.

Business & Marketing Tips

Is it Time to Change Home Improvement CRMs?

Switching CRMs can be a headache for your home improvement business. Here are some important items to consider when you are thinking about making a...

Hatch Product Updates

We're Not Just a Texting Platform Anymore

The only constant is change. Read more about how our company and product changed to fit the needs of an evolving industry.

Sales Strategies & Tips

Top Tips for Creating Sales Touchpoints

In sales, the team’s only goal with touchpoints is to elicit a response to move the customer forward in the sales cycle. In this article, we'll talk...

Business Text Messaging

Using Text for Appointment Confirmations

Sending out appointment reminders through text is an easy no-touch way to build trust with your customers before the appointment runs. 

Customer Experience

How to offer financing as a contractor

Over 75% of homeowners want to finance at least some part of their next project. Learn how to make financing a sales tool for your reps and easy for...

Partner Highlight

Hatch and James Hardie Announce Partnership

Hatch, the messaging platform for home improvement companies, today announced a partnership with James Hardie Building Products Inc., the world...

Customer Experience

How to Handle Bad Home Remodeling Reviews

A good response to a bad review can be just as powerful as a positive review. Check out these tips on how to effectively manage poor online reviews.

Business & Marketing Tips

How to Ask Customers for Quality Reviews

In this article, we'll talk about how you can overcome the most common challenges that businesses face when it comes to getting more legitimate...

Partner Highlight

Hatch and Socius Announce Partnership

Socius' full-service web design and digital marketing services give you the credibility you deserve while turning your business into a...

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